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Global Energy Transition: Carbon-dioxide Effects

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TOPIC: Global Energy Transition: Carbon-dioxide Effects

One of the most important economic sectors in the country is the energy sector. It is essential for bringing about economic stability. However, the energy landscape is shifting right now, so it’s important to take climate change into account. The corporate environment is being significantly impacted by the growing climate change agenda. These topics are covered in this course, which also gives you the opportunity to think about how they may affect business operations.

We need to look at the energy and climate targets for the future when thinking about climate change. Your company must prepare for many eventualities in order to respond to these, and this course is meant to help you do just that. Taking this course can help you hone your leadership abilities in this crucial sector as the global economy changes, with energy and climate policies at its core.

Prerequisites: None

Delivery Mode: E-Learning

Who Should Attend?

  • Company Risk Assessment Officer
  • General Public / Consumers
  • Quality Assurance Teams
  • Energy Business Owners
  • Researchers and Practitioners in the Field of Energy
  • Professionals in Applied Sciences
  • Technology Engineers
  • Strategic Development Personnel
  • Project Managers

Course Objectives

  • Knowledge of important climate and energy policies
  • Energy and environment policy effects on your company
  • Recognize the new reporting requirements for businesses.
  • Understanding how government energy and climate policy affects
  • Planning strategically for energy and climate policy

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