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Autogas Conversion Solutions

About 25 million vehicles around the world run on LPG, meaning it is the third most popular automotive fuel available. Our mission is to promote the idea of Autogas as a clean, cost-effective alternative to petrol and diesel by providing professional, hassle-free LPG conversion services.

Many Nigerian motorists already successfully run their cars on Autogas, Even though LPG has a lower calorific value than petrol, LPG costs about 50% less than petrol. so it is still a far more cost-effective way to run your car. LPG is very clean-burning fuel, more sustainable, and better for the environment than other mainstream fuels.

Our conversions are dual-fuel so when the car runs out of LPG it will automatically switch to petrol. This is hardly noticeable and causes no damage to your engine. The car will normally start cold on petrol and then quickly switch over to gas when the engine is warm, it is therefore important to always have a little bit of petrol.

In general, for a four-cylinder engine car you can expect to pay between N320,000 – N400,000, but it’s difficult to say without knowing what car you have. If you fill in our inquiry form, we can put you in touch with your nearest Autogas Approved Converter and they can give you a proper quote.

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