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The Institute of Oil & Gas Research & Hydrocarbon Studies held the Oil & Gas Product Forum “Lagos 2018” on Monday October 22 2018 at the Sheraton Lagos Hotel & Towers, Ikeja, Nigeria by 12 noon prompt and the theme for this year’s forum was “Oil & Gas Product Manufacturing: Prospects, Challenges & Progress ”. The meeting discussed issues surrounding the oil and gas product manufacturing in an unable environment; obtaining international long term funds; advantages of the application of FRP technological solutions in oil & gas industry.

The other essential topic that was discussed has to do with understanding the importance of the Oil & Gas Free Zones, etc. The Chairman-in-Council of the Institute of Oil & Gas Research & Hydrocarbon Studies (IOGRHS), Prof. Akin Akindoyeni in his welcoming address said that emphasis should be made on ways of repairing and maintaining the existing crude oil processing plants in Nigeria for maximum petroleum products manufacturing and that the authorities should continue to find ways of establishing additional refineries in order that Nigeria may produce adequate of petroleum products for local consumption. This will reduce or eliminate the payment for fuel subsidy. Some quality brands that are doing very well were rewarded with the Oil & Gas Product Awards 2018. They include, Cledop-The Salt Pill Brand, Honeybrook-BR Mixer Technology Brand, Doowegas LPG Skid Plant Brand, ABD-Chevron Oronite Lubricant Additives Brand, Nigachem Superpower Seismic Detonator Brand, Dozzy Powerflo Extralife Diesel Engine Lubricant Brand, Hacops Brand, Seahorse EP 140 Brand, Nif-Universal Electro-Fusion Welding Machine Brand, Technogas Cylinder Brand, IPI Tank Farm Series, Juneng FRP Composite Brand, Valve Lubricant 601 Brand. Products that utilizes petrolatum as one of the ingredients were also considered: Unilever-Vaseline Petroleum Jelly Brand, Vinoz Anti-Dandruff Conditioner, Anochemical-Sky Hair Grow & Darkening Cream Brand.


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Oil and Gas Product Forum “Lagos 2018”

Doowe Samad
Doowe Samad

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