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Liquid Petroleum Gas and the Reticulation System

Liquid Petroleum Gas and the Reticulation System

This system otherwise known as Piped Gas System is considered to be an advanced system that supplies liquefied petroleum gas to households, big industries compared to the conventional cylinder supply. At the crust of this is a centralized supply of cooking gas to different outlets of a building through a bulk storage, gas bank or cylinder bank facility. This distributing system ascertains that there is an uninterrupted supply of LPG alongside other benefits like saving time, space, money and most importantly safety. While the gas industry is garnering as many patrons as possible there are still restrictions by the way of domestic availability. Hence, the need for an alternative system like reticulation; in countries like America and even Europe, this system is considered to be the best alternative. Additionally one can say that the system is specifically tailored to suit project requirements such as buildings, hotels and even apartment complexes. The centralized distribution system supplies gas to each and every user through a network of safe systems and relieves the rigours of getting a refill while the consumer pays for what he uses alone.


Some of the advantages of the reticulation system include:

  1. Uninterrupted gas supply for 24 hours a fay and 7 days a week
  2. It adds value to the said property
  3. It is economical and on a pay on a consumption basis
  4. There is absolutely no need to store gas cylinders
  5. It is safe
  6. Zero maintenance
  7. Safe and secure
  8. No waiting list for a new gas connection
  9. Gas meter for recording on actual consumption
  10. 3rd party accident and loss of property insurance


This system although not as popular in Nigeria is the future of the LPG industry and will indeed become popular in the near future.


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