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The Department of Petroleum Resources last month opened the platform for all stakeholders in the industry to access a free training program on how to use the new online portal to process various operations permits such as; import, offtake, LPG bottling plants, propane offtake and many more. This implies that there is no need to visit the DPR main office to apply for a DPR permit (the administrative office is now situated in Abuja). What the applicant needs to do is apply via this link to commence application. Also, it is crucial that the applying company’s documents are uploaded after registration.

So, here are a few changes that are now existent or non-existent as the case may be with the DPR application process.

  1. You no longer need to get your bank reference letter yourself for submission, instead, your bank whose details are in your application details will be communicated in your successful application.
  2. You will only be required to pay for your permit only after you have submitted all documents.
  3. Processing time is not quite certain but the process seems to suggest it would probably take a week or two for the permit process to be completed.
  4. Not all banks, depots and other required stakeholders have been added to the online portal.
  5. You may be required to help add the stakeholder relevant to the issuance of your permit.

Doowe gas management hopes that this helps new and existent stakeholders to get their permits successfully and easily.


Source: LPG in Nigeria.

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